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    The use of the water - cooled medium voltage inverter on the induced draft 

    fan of the 600MW thermal power generating unit in Shanxi zhaoguang 

    power generation co. LTD

    In response to the national call, Shanxi zhaoguang power generation co., LTD has made ultra-low emission modification for *600MW #3 and #4 motors of unit two. This paper focuses on the application of the energy conservation transformation of the integrated water cooled medium voltage inverter of Hiconics in the supercritical direct air cooling unit of the 600MW supercritical direct air cooling unit.


    The application of 

    Hiconics medium voltage inverter 

    on sintering fan


    Hiconics HID inverter cabinet 

    boost the “Four Modernizations” 

    construction of oil field

    Mining industry
    Mining industry

    The application of the 

    Hiconics water-cooled inverters 

    in the main well hoist

    Municipal Project
    Municipal Project

    Hiconics HID 

    inverter assists in production 

    of the auto parts

    Energy conservation field
    Energy conservation field

    Qinghai Xiyu recycles the waste flue gas 

    and heat for power generation project

    The heat dissipation of high temperature flue gas in non-ferrous smelting industry is large, while the utilization level of waste heat is low. Huatai Runda used the professional technology and made use of the waste flue gas and heat of Qinghai Xiyu nonferrous metals co. LTD to generate electricity.

    Environment protection field
    Environment protection field

    Improvements and application of advanced 

    coking waste treatment

    In the face of increasing environmental standards, coal chemical enterprises must deal with the coking wastewater in depth. In this paper, the improvement process of the deep treatment of coking wastewater by Huatai runda has been introduced in detail, and it has been stable and effective in wastewater treatment of a coke plant in Qinghai province.

    Investment and operation
    Investment and operation

    The research and application of landfill gas 

    purification process for the extraction of 

    compressed natural gas technology

    Lots of landfill gas can be produced from the landfills. It causes serious environmental and human impacts. This article introduced the Huatai runda using the professional technology to collect and purify the natural gas, to generate the natural gas for Vehicle in the landfills of Beijing Fengtai recycling economy zone.

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    Hiconics eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd., also known as "Hiconics Drive Technology Co., Ltd." Founded in 2003, it is affiliated to Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Beijing, China, which is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in industrial automation control and new energy equipment. In January of 2010 it was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as "Hiconics eco-energy” (Stock code "300048"), with a registered capitalization of 1102 million RMB and net assets of 2647 million RMB.

    Currently, it has 4 wholly owned subsidiaries, 31 holding subsidiaries, 1 key laboratory and 1 technology center. Existing staff 1800 people, of which the core research and development personnel accounted for 28%, with offices across the country and the consummation post-sale service network, products are sold to six continents over 20 countries and regions around the world. Business areas cover the industrial automation, new energy vehicles, energy conservation, environmental protection and other fields, products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, cement, petroleum, municipal, elevator, machine tools, plastics, nuclear industry, aerospace, wind tunnel, new energy vehicles, rail transportation, environmental protection, photovoltaic and other industries.

    Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address:NO.3 Boxing 2nd Road,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Daxing District, 100176,Beijing, China

    TEL:+86 10 5918 0185

    FAX:+86 010-59180035

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    all right reserved:Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd.      京ICP备05028480-1      京公网备110301000391      Support:北京网站建设

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